Place for Sense, Retreat and Transformation

Shesele Sense Retreat

we're more then just hotel, we are place for transformation

SHESELE is a special secluded place where our guests can get out of their habitual way of life. We want to show that different way is possible, that one can get out of the system of habits, fears and addictions.

This is the place for those who want to develop, and not only to rest. We remove everything that help people hide from themselves. Shesele creates the conditions for the opportunity to see the real you, inner you, setting a number of serious restrictions.

We provide conditions where no one and nothing will distract you from finding yourself

There are many ways to find yourself and there is no one right way, but it's enough just to see yourself once and then any practices will not be for the sake of practice, but for the sake of getting pleasure from them.

Are you ready for a transformation for yourself?

Make your reboot, the real transformation in the ideal place for this, along with Shesele!

With love, Sasha Granovski

Sense, transformation and more
 at Shesele


Be slim - Author's course of weight loss in Thailand - Shesele Sense Retreat


Author's course of weight loss, based on the principles of attentiveness, healthy eating and physical exercises

Shesele light Detox in Thailand


Light detox programs without using enemas. Designed specifically for Shesele Sense Retreat. It's delicious, simple, nice and certainly useful.

drug rehab and addiction rehabilitation in Thailand - Shesele


Addictions, fears, phobias, attachments - this is all makes us unhappy.

We help get rid of this with simple principles and our special programs.

Perfect for those who have completed the program in specialized clinics and want strengthen the result.

Yoga and Qigong in Thailand - Shesele Sense Retreat

Yoga & Qigong

A comprehensive system of quickly health improvements, energy recovery and consciousness transformation, based on the practices of Yoga, Qigong and Tao.

Rule of healthy eating Shesele Sense Retret

Rule of healthy eating

Living with us includes a healthy eating system Shesele, based on 6 principles of nutrition and organic products. This is full board food, fruits, vegetables, shakes and juices. Only simple and healthy raw food.

Meditation in Thailnad - Shesele Sense Retreat Koh Phangan


Shesele is an ideal place for meditations.

We even have a special private Сave for meditation (only for our guests).

Meditation for us is life itself in full attention. We acquaint our guests with the deep essence of meditation by the example of simple actions.

Shesele Members

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Accommodation and place in Thailand - Shesele Sense Retret

Rooms & places

The rooms of the forest hotel are hidden from the impetuous run of time in the mountains and jungles of the national park, where each of our guests enjoying the natural cleaness, silenсe and peace can contemplate their spiritual world and open inner sources of positive energy

Shesele lifistyle

Shesele lifestyle 

Shesele lifestyle is the constant development of a human, his transformation, through the development of attention to himself and the world around him on the way to infinite happiness and love. Join us!

Features of Shesele Sense Retreat


total retreat

We're remotely located from curious tourists. We don't have casual visitors. We can guarantee privacy. Only for adults.


One of the greatest blessings in the world is silence. We can listen to the silence and enjoy it. At us you will not hear loud music and shouts of people


We are located in the mountains and jungles of the national park of the island of Koh Phangan in Kingdom Thailand. Our houses are surrounded by greenery. With us, you can fully enjoy the sounds of nature and excellent weather all year long


We have strict rules on the territory of the hotel:

- no alcohol

- no cigarettes

- no drugs

- no meat

- no loud noises

helathy eating

Healthy Eating is one of our specializations. It's not just what we eat, but how we eat. We provide full board food consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, juices and a shakes 6 times a day. At us you can get acquainted with mindfluence eating (eating meditation). Such a simple meditation can dramatically change your life.


Despite the fact that we are in the jungle and mountains - our pathways and raised houses allow us to feel comfortable and safe.

Host Your Retreat

Looking for a place for your retreat that would meet all your requirements, but do you regularly face misunderstanding?

You found what you were looking for!

SHESELE is an ideal place, specially designed and built for retreats, satsangs and training with seclusion, raw food.

We are in the jungle and mountains of the national park, the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. Our houses are modern, environmentally friendly and comfortable.

Shesele philosophy & lifestyle

be conscious in the present moment

Concentration of attention at the present moment.

Live life every moment is the greatest pleasure in life


Love like a foundation. Everything is done through the feeling of love.

Be happy and don't interfere with others.

The formula for happiness is simple:

- forgiving others and yourself

- accept everything as it is

- abandon attachments and dependencies


Healthy eating are the guarantee of health and longevity.

physical exercises

Daily exercise is a necessary condition for the full functioning of the organism. Yoga, qigong, swimming, running, exercise with your weight and others that you like.

be care about surroundings world

Be grateful, take care of people and animals, be eco-friends. The more energy we give, the more we get it back.

When you feel the present moment - you are infinitely happy

Are you ready for transformation and positive changes in your life?

Sasha Gran - founder of Shesele Sense Retreat

Sasha granovski

I was the director of the federal reserve in Russia for 7 years, having built a Yoga hotel there. Left all the work, left all businesses and went on a journey for half a year in search of myself and spiritual enlightenment. But I found only myself and decided to become a good person. I wrote a book about sex and the formula of happiness. I became a kundalini yoga teacher after many years of practice. I became the owner of the hotel on a tropical island, founded Shesele Sense Retreat. I like helping people get rid of fears and addictions. I realized how important it is to develop and be attentional in every moment. Shesele was founded for this, where there are all conditions for the transformation of consciousness and body, to help people. Everything is easier together. We will do only what is really important and has a result. You will be able to find yourself with us and feel life itself.

I love all!

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